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The Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenerologists, Dermatocosmetologists is a coalition public organization that unites dermatovenereologists and dermatocosmetologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the great force of professionals who care about the future of health system, the health of the nation and the well-being of all their patients.

On April 9, 2012, Kazakhstan Association got its legal status. 

The purposes of the Association are:

  •  Coordination of member’s activities, representation and protection of their professional rights and legitimate interests
  •  Assistance to satisfaction of socially significant interests and needs of doctors of dermatological specialties, teachers and scientists dealing with dermatovenereology
  •  Assistance in the implementation and protection of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and freedoms of doctors, teachers, researchers

The subject of activities of the Association:

  • Involvement of dermatovenerologists, dermatocosmetologists for social activities, assistance in creating the most favorable conditions for their professional and creative growth
  • Promoting the financing of cultural and educational programs aimed at popularization and widespread introduction of dermatovenereology, dermatocosmetology into Kazakhstan practice
  • Cooperation with organizations, enterprises and institutions that can assist in the development and implementation of professional ideas and projects
  • Participation in the accreditation of medical institutions and attestation of doctors
  • Participation in international cooperation and exchange of clinical experience
  • Promoting the goals and objectives of the Association and informing the public about its activities
  • Rendering practical assistance to medical institutions in the field of dermatovenereology and dermatocosmetology
  • Publishing activities of medical periodicals, manuals and monographs

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