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Membership in the Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenerologists, Dermatocosmetologists

Dear colleagues!

The Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenerologists, Dermatocosmetologists is an open, public organization whose purpose is to represent and protect the professional rights and legitimate interests of its members, develop international relations and exchange experiences, and modernize the dermatovenereological service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the Charter of the Association, a Member of the Association has the right:

• to elect and to be represented in the elected bodies of the Association;

• to participate in the Association's affairs in the manner prescribed by this Charter;

• to receive information about the activities of the Association;

• to make proposals aimed at improving the effectiveness of the Association;

• to use the services of the Association;

• to withdraw from the membership of the Association at the end of the financial year by submitting a written application to the Executive Body.


Member of the Association shall:

• comply with the provisions of this Charter;

• make timely contributions;

• provide information necessary for resolving issues related to its activities and not being a commercial secret, timely inform about changes in the name, legal status and address of the legal entity;

• actively participate in the achievement of the Association's goals and objectives;

• when expressing one's own position in public addresses and speeches, do not declare your position on behalf of the Association, if such position was not adopted by the General Meeting (Congress) of the Association or by the Board of the Association.

For membership in the Association it is necessary:

• to complete the application form addressed to the President of the Kazakhstan Association

• a copy of the identity card

• entrance membership fee


1. From January 1, 2023, the Kazakhstan Association of dermatovenerologists, dermatocosmetologists introduces an entrance fee for membership in the amount of 30,000 tenge.
2. The entrance fee must be paid within 10 days after the submission of the application for membership in KADD.
3. The size of the annual membership fee will be 15 000 tenge.
4. The second and subsequent annual contributions must be paid no later than March 1 of each calendar year.
5. In case of non-payment of the annual fee in a timely manner, the member of the Association is automatically excluded from the KADD base and for the re-entry he undertakes to pay the entrance fee again.

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