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Basic trichoscopy course

Dear colleagues!

On November 22, 2019, under the auspices of the Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenerologists, Dermatocosmetologists, for the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a basic course on trichoscopy will be held.

Author and lecturer of the course
Ovcharenko Julia
• Professor of the Kharkov National University named after Karazin V.N.

• Head of the Clinical, Research and Educational Center “Institute of Trichology”

• President of the Ukrainian Hair Research Society (UHRS)• Vice President of the Eastern Europe and Asia Hair Research Society  (EEAHRS)

• Advisor to the membership committee of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS)
• co-founder of the School of Alopecia
• Author and co-author of more than 100 publications, 6 monographs devoted to Russian-language trichology, including the Russian-language version of the Atlas on trichoscopy.

Trichoscopy Basic Course Program

1. The algorithm for trichoscopy
2. Equipment for trichoscopy
3. Trichoscopic structures
4. Normal values ​​in trichoscopy
5. Local forms of hair loss of non-scarring and scarring types
6. Diffuse forms of hair loss of non-scarring and scarring types
7. Marginal forms of hair loss of non-scarring and scarring types
8. Inflammatory diseases of the hair skin
9. Tractional abnormalities of the hair shaft
10. Genetic abnormalities of the hair shaft
11. Interactive clinical cases
12. Trichoscopic quiz
13. Atlas on trichoscopy

Venue: Nur Sultan, Park Inn Hotel Astana, 2nd floor, 1 hall
Time: 09.00
Russian language
Participants: dermatovenerologists, dermatocosmetologists; medical university residents
Certificate issuance: provided

Limited number of seats!

An exhibition will be presented at the conference.

Details and course entry:
tel .: +7 (771) 666 60 27
e-mail: (indicate in the subject of the letter: "Basic course of trichoscopy 11/22/19"

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