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On the eve of the World Psoriasis Day on October 27, 2021, Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenereologists, Dermatocosmetologists organized a round table on the topic “Gene-engineering biological therapy for psoriasis”.
As part of the event, the President of the KADD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Batpenova Gulnar  shared with practitioners the latest information about the prevalence and incidence of this chronic dermatosis, the complexity of its manifestations in difficult localizations, as well as promising areas of psoriasis therapy, in particular, the use of , indications and contraindications for biological targeted therapy. World Psoriasis Day has been held since 2004 at the initiative of the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations.
Goals for this day:
• raising awareness of the problem among patients and physicians;
•providing information about the latest methods of systemic and external therapy of psoriasis;
• increasing the importance of this skin condition and awareness of psycho-emotional disorders and comorbid conditions;
• improving the quality of life of people with this diagnosis.
Every doctor can support this initiative by educating patients and their families about the importance and possibilities of psoriasis therapy, as well as among their colleagues. Be with us!
From October 25 to October 31, 2021, the International Epidermolysis Bullosa Week is being held all over the world, during which the most important problems of patients with the butterfly syndrome will be raised. In our Republic, this initiative was taken by Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenereologists, Dermatocosmetologists, with the participation of the Kóbelek balalar Charitable Foundation. Five days of seminars will be held for dermatologists/pediatrists and GPs, regional coordinators for orphan diseases and other interested participants. There will be an online question-answer section to solve daily pressing problems with parents of young patients and adult "butterflies". If you also have questions about epidermolysis bullosa, join us!

During three days, from 18 to 20 June, 216 dermatovenereologists, dermatocosmetologists and oncologists from all regions of our Republic took part in the next dermatoscopy course from the President of Latvian Society of Dermatoscopy and the Society of Dermatologists Against Skin Cancer, board member of the International Dermoscopy Society, representative of the EADV Board , AAD and EADO, Dr. Raimonds Karls.
The training cycle was organized by Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenereologists, Dermatocosmetologists with the support of La Roche-Posay to improve the knowledge and qualifications of domestic doctors, as well as to popularize one of the world's most popular non-invasive diagnostic methods - dermatoscopy.
For 12 hours, the listeners had the opportunity to learn not only the basics and alphabet of dermatoscopy, but also to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of differential diagnosis of benign and malignant skin neoplasms, as well as learn to recognize the characteristic dermatoscopic stigmas of chronic and infectious dermatoses.
We thank all the members of the KADD for their active participation!
Follow our updates so as not to miss other interesting cycles.


These days in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, the I International Scientific and Practical Conference "Prospects for the development of new technologies for diagnostics and treatment in dermatovenerology and dermatooncopathology" is being held.
The main directions of the conference were announced - Dermatovenereology, Dermato-oncopathology, Pediatric Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, Innovative technologies in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.
This event in the field of dermatovenerology brought together well-known Uzbek and foreign scientists, dermatologists, oncologists, dermato-oncologists, morphologists in order to consider the problem of skin diseases through the prism of different specialties, get acquainted with the results of international research and generalize medical opinions.
Our country at this event was represented by the President of the Kazakhstan Association of Dermatovenerologists, Dermatocosmetologists, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Batpenova Gulnar Ryskeldyevna among the honorary speakers with a speech on modern aspects of orphan diseases. The report highlighted the epidemiological and clinical features of this group of diseases, the regulatory framework created for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies, as well as acute issues of providing assistance to this category of patients in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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